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Salam Aleikum (Peace be upon you)

I am Hisham Kaine, author and creator of Infidel Comics.

I am a huge fan of various arts of pop culture. My hobbies have greatly influenced me to write; movies from the 80s or any film by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I completed a 1-year filmmaking program at New York Film Academy. Later on, I realised it was too hard to make an action movie the way I wanted to because of how costly action scenes can be. By working with action in comic books, I could finally allow myself to be more creative no matter what spectacle one uses.

Check me out on Instagram if you want to know more:@hisham_kaine

Infidel Comics

The story of Wahid plays out in a parallel world aligned with our reality. What if Saddam Hussein had a weapon of mass destruction. What if, that weapon was a super-soldier, set loose in Iraq in the year 2014?

In the first issue, Wahid escapes an underground facility, only to find out that Daesh (ISIS) have invaded larger parts of Iraq. Wahid finds his purpose; to defend Iraq from all invaders no matter the costs.

In issue 3 WAHID: KILL ALL DAESH, Wahid agrees to work with the CIA to capture the infamous "Jihadi Beatles". "The four horsemen" will join Wahid in the upcoming BATTLE OF TIKRIT.