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Salam Aleikum

I am Hisham Kaine, author of the comic book Wahid: Weapon of mass destruction.

As long as I can remember, movies, games and comics have been my greatest passion and hobby in life. Like Jim Carrey's "Cable Guy" television was my babysitter.

It gave me the need to "create" through my knowledge of pop culture. At the same time, I got the same passion for video games and comic books. My first love with comics was Spiderman. In Sweden, he was called "Spindelmannen". He was fighting Green Goblin's son Harry Osborn which ended in tragedy. I was so curious about what would happen next when I saw the cliffhangers. Marvel Comics taught me to love, to understand that no matter what sex, religion, skin colour, sexual preferences or any variations, we are all humans.

I hope that my comics will unite us and make us more knowledgeable about this reality. I live with my fiancee and my cat Mercy in a small apt in Sweden. At the same time do I work with integrating refugees into society at a refugee centre and study at the university to become an after-school teacher. Check me out on Instagram @hisham_kaine.

Your friendly neighbourhood swede

Hisham Kaine